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Digital transformation is essential for every business to survive and grow its core service offering. Every business requires a tailored approach depending on its current technologies, processes and people driving its operations. To support and enhance such operations, a planned out technology roadmap of changes is essential to ensure your business is supported. We are experts in breaking down and delivering the necessary technology changes to your business independently or working closely with your internal IT team.

We can help to introduce new IT technologies without the complexity, and skillset barriers that come with it. We have been facilitating seamless transformations that nurture efficiency, lowers operational costs, and also offers new possibilities to grow your business.

We believe that a correct approach to Managing IT Systems involves input from management, who know their operations, business goals and human resources.  It is with this information in hand our technical know-how is applied, to offer a comprehensive managed IT Service, that will serve your business and operations.

By outsourcing your IT Management to ELEV8 IT, you will not only have an established and reputable name in the IT Services industry but will also be freeing your human resources to focus on your core business needs.

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Our Managed IT Services

Performance Monitoring

We have a dedicated 24/7 dedicated monitoring service to proactively monitor and detect issues before your customers.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We can help you implement and test business continuity and disaster recovery procedures.

Patch Management

We ensure all your systems are in top condition around the clock.

Security and Vulnerability Management

Our security and vulnerability management program ensure industry-leading remediation and mitigation of known system vulnerabilities across all technologies.

License Compliance

We ensure compliance and continuity for all your IT assets.

IT System Delivery

We can assist and project manage your IT system upgrades or changes to ensure minimal disruptions to your business.


Managed services is the practice of outsourcing a related business function to a managed service provider in order to improve operations and cut costs.  Managed services are ideal for highly skilled tasks where the cost of insourcing and upkeeping such skills is not viable to the organisation.  Partnering with a managed service provider ensures your company is benefiting from the economies of scale that comes with specialisation of the outsourced function. 

Managed services are important because they offer accessibility to industry leading practices for businesses that would like to outsource their IT function.  Moreover, managed IT services can also increase the in house IT capabilities when needed.

We have worked with many clients spanning different industries from manufacturing, retail to more complex regulated entities like banks, Fintech and telecommunications companies.  We strive to align businesses with industry leading IT standards across all facets of technology.

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