Outsourcing IT Services vs Hiring: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to helpdesk support services, each company demands a unique strategy. 

Every company recognises the need of having someone in charge of IT. However, should you hire someone or outsource IT services? It all boils down to knowing the differences between what an IT company can offer you versus employing someone within your own IT department. Furthermore, you must be certain that whichever path you choose, you will receive the kind of assistance that your company requires from someone you want to work with.

 1. What does managing IT look like in your business?

The first important item to evaluate is the existing condition of your IT department in your company.

You may have them engaged in huge strategic initiatives, or they may be busy developing new features or improving infrastructure. Most internal teams are swamped with work and don’t have time to tackle routine duties like IT Support.

Do you already have an IT team in place?
Are non-technical employees attempting to fix technological issues?

What’s worse is when non-technical employees are dealing with technological issues. Due to their inexpertise, they can spend up to 8 hours every month solving tech problems. This amounts to an entire day spent not doing their jobs. This isn’t only a problem for companies that don’t have an existing team. If you have a team but they’re too busy, the same thing might happen, and you could end up losing a day every month for each employee in your company. 

trust your it services to an it company

benefits of outsourcing it services to an it company

2. Choosing On-site or Remote IT Services

When most individuals think of outsourcing work, they see it taking place remotely, potentially even from another country. This might make individuals feel as though they’re dealing with someone who might not be as hands-on as an employee.

However, outsourcing offers multiple benefits for many organisations. This enables you to hire experienced and skilled personnel for minimal cost. As a result, personnel are decreased, commitments are limited, and supervision is lowered. It also alleviates the pressure of regularly educating employees to keep up with the fast pace of technological progress.

Another option is to hire additional on-site support to complete the task while your internal staff organises everything. With an MSP (Managed Service Provider), you have the best of both worlds, with on-site and remote work options available to complete the project as needed.

 3. The Costs of Hiring

A lot of people get hooked up on the cost. Hiring may appear to be the best option since you get individuals who know your business inside and out, but then again a low-level tech employee isn’t inexpensive, and the larger the corporation, the more workers you’ll need to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

MSPs facilitate resolving this issue by providing you with a full tech support staff for less than the cost of a single in-house employee. This implies that you’re getting a team to provide IT support, a team to help with planning, and a team to execute, amongst other things.

As your business expands, so does the value of your MSP package, which extends to include additional support and services as needed. In-house IT teams can develop in a similar fashion; but, as already stated, they frequently become overburdened and unable to meet the needs of expansion.

costs of outsourcing it services to it company vs hiring

it services by a specialised it company

4. Benefits of IT Helpdesk Services

The primary function of IT support is to assist your business and create an environment in which the connection between the business and its technology can thrive.

What are some of the benefits of working with an expert IT company?

  • Helpdesk Support Services: A 24/7 Technical Support Service.
  • Reliable: Access to an experienced, multi-disciplined team covering all your IT technical support
  • Affordable: The monthly expenses for a managed IT service will be far lower than if you had your own IT team to manage.
  • Efficient: Industry-leading IT services and support that fully track and prioritise issues for quicker resolutions.

Why choose Elev8’s IT Services?

Elev8’s IT support and services packages are excellent for organisations that want a quick response to minimise downtime. We are readily available to you on any technical difficulties because of our quick reaction times.

Furthermore, we provide both remote and on-site assistance to provide the best combination of techniques for all your needs. We also keep you informed by continuously monitoring the condition of your IT network and systems.

A specialised team of highly skilled system engineers and IT consultants will be available to your business, providing you with ongoing input to help you operate your IT operations successfully. In our approach, we employ industry-leading best practices in IT service management to assure a high-quality product that has been proven and tested at scale.

All the important IT events and issues will be documented, and a clear plan of action will be created and implemented to successfully meet your demands.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@elev8.mt or call on +356 7788 7788.

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